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Panhard rod - bolt sizes


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OK, so I bought the "correct" bolts for the panhard rod and was going to fit them. And they don't fit.

According to the tape, the bolt diameter is just over half-inch. The hole in the bush for the rod is just over half-inch. But, the hole on the chassis is half-inch (exactly, I think). So, bolt fits into rod - but bolt doesn't fit into steering box drop brackety thing.

Pics show the snug-fit of the bolt in the arm - excellent - and it failing to go through the eye in the chassis - tragic.

Yep, it's a hybrid as usual... Any ideas where to go from here ?



post-4925-024570900 1284560899_thumb.jpg

post-4925-045703400 1284560908_thumb.jpg

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I seem to remember I replaced one of my bolts, the axle end I think with 1/2" x 3" UNC bolts its a narrow rad arm axle.

I don't have a parts book with me to check, ask Western (Ralph) he should be able to help you with the correct one.

Just found a 110 parts book and it says that both bolts are M14's

My link

My panhard rod is modified one so probably not standard.

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Thanks Maverick

I'll check out a couple of M14's tomorrow.. :-)

In the meantime, if anyone else has any thoughts on what's gone wrong here... ?

That said, M14 will be too big for the bushes on the panhard rod itself. Might fit the eyes on the chassis, but....


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