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2" Spring Spacers


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I've been told by a friend that i can lift my suspension on my disco using 4" x 2" box section. Has anyone had experience doing this?

I will be putting +2" springs and shocks on soon and wanted to take it to 4" without spending £60 on spacers.

Another thing i've noticed is that by putting spacers on the front it will lift the springs and dampers, on the back it only lifts the springs, Do's this mean that the front will sit 2" higher than the back??



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DONT/DO NOT use box section, simple as that, at least you would have to weld the section into a box and then you will have rear shocker length problems, the box section will flex and it will feel like driving in jam and could collapse. I speak from experiance on this one!!

4" is putting to much stress on your prop-shaft uj's which will wear quickly, 2" with good high wall tyres will be far far better.

Much better to buy a pre-made 2" block lift set which will allow you to use standard suspension parts.

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