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brake servo anyone changed one?


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replaced my 110's servo a while back, fairly straight forward job, should be able to unbolt master cylinder from servo & move clear without touching the pipework, unbolt servo from pedal housing & pedal lever under dash then extract from engine bay.

Ralph, you really are the man in the know! that really was the answer I was hoping for cheers!


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Yes as Ralph said, it's very easy, just 2 M8 nuts and the vacuum pipe, you can access the end of the pedal through the 2 holes under the big grommets in the sides of the pedal box to disconnect from the pedal. Just be careful to replace or at least preserve the O ring between the master cylinder & the servo. You should get one with a new servo or master cylinder.



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I did mine a few weeks ago. Its really easy.

The bugger was getting the split pin off the pin in the plunger. Other than that its a 30min job to fit and a simple one person bleed with a Gunnison Easy bleed and a jam jar.

However i note you can do it without needing a bleed. ;)

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