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300tdi oil light


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hello i have a 200tdi and 300tdi, if left for four hours or more the 300 oil light will stay on for 3-4secs at start up, were as the 200 goes off strait away, changed oil and filter, changed oil pressure switch, when warmed up its fine, no engine noises, before i rip the engine apart has anyone else had this issue, have ordered a oil pressure gauge as we dont have one at work (only mercedes main dealer!)



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As long as the light goes off and stays off then I wouldn't worry about it. It could be a worn oil pump but if the light goes out, even after a little bit of time then there must be enough oil pressue in there.

There are no big oil leaks are there? And the oil level is OK?

You could service it and change the filter and see if that improves, but it doesn't sound like anything to worry about.

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hi i have this with my discovery everytime i start first thing in the morning i belive that the oil goes back through the turbo oil feed, when i get a chance i will fit a one way valve on the feed pipe and see if it stops the problem

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