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td5 wont start after efi loom replacement


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I hope somebody can help.

I have been folling the posts and fixes on this site for a while - I have a Disco TD5 - 1999 with 142k on the clock. She has been remarkeably reliable and always pulls well. Pretty lively really but totally standard.

I recently lost power in the lower range and she became sluggish but still pulled OK after 2200 revs when the turbo kicks in.

Decided it was the usual oil in loom so bought the bits and yesterday pulled the lid off and replaced the loom, cleaned up the connection and flushed the ECU connector with Electrical cleaner as they were covered.

Allowed it all to dry off and put everything back. nothing, turns over but doesn't fire.

Recharged the battery and also decided to replace the original FI loom, bolted everything up and again, no start.

I'm a bit of a newbie but am willing to have a go where the tools I have will allow but this foxes me.

Have checked the EFI fuse in engine bay - all looks fine.

It turns over but refuses to fire.

Is there some kind of security sequence that has to be applied when re-connecting a battery that I am missing. Is it my imobiliser not allowing fuel to get to the engine?

I am forced to go to work on the bike tomorrow so before I hand it over to a properly qualified mechanic, I wouldn't mind some advice.

I have seen quite a lot of sledging in various forums so if someone wants to take the tiddle, bring it on as long as I can get some helpful advice, I'll put up with anything. I am no mechanic but have always liked to fiddle so that at least I am able to check the basics should I have a breakdown on the road. The properly technical stuff I leave to those better equipped and trained to handle but I can't believe that I have managed to get a simple loom replacement wrong.

Any pointers, please?

Gary Birdsey - Bracknell.

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It could be a number of things.

Ignition off, then turn to pos 2 - can you hear a humming from the rear wheelarch? If not, fuel pump might be history or not getting power. Disco has an inspection hatch in the boot floor - remove this and see if the pump gets 12v.

Any lights on the dash - could well be an immobiliser issue.

Just confirm it was the injector harness you replaced? If so, make sure the multiplugs are correctly clipped in.

Lastly, ensure the multiplugs to the ECU are in good order after being re-connected and clipped in properly.

If everything appears to be in order, the easiest thing would be to plug into a Nanocom etc to see what is going on. That would also allow you to re-sync ECU and immobiliser is needed.

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Thanks for the replies. I'm still a newbie so don't yet get notified when any responses come in.

The car was due a service in 1000 miles so I ended up getting it recovered to the mechanics.

Turns out that the oil ingress had actually gotten into the cpu.

The mechanics are an independant outfit so not particularly specialised in land Rovers ( I know a mistake but the guy I trusted and who has looked after my Disco for 7 years buggered off to italy so I took the opportunity to try someone local ). He has friends at a local LR dealer and was given the advice that the whole engine loom should be replaced at a cost of almost £300 plus VAT and labour. Ouch.

As the car was with the mechanics, I suggested that they replace the EFI loom with the new one that I had bought, disconnect the plug to the main loom as well as the CPU and flush the loom out with a solvent. They did this for a day, flushing it every hour or so until there was no oil coming out of the loom. They still had an error so took the CPU cover off and the inside was covered in oil along the red socket entry. They cleaned it all up and voila, no errors apart from the 2 for the air conditioning which was strange as I have what seems to be the only XS disco without air con. They cleared this and did a full service, replacing all fluids, even where unneccesary and I collected her today. She purrs and pulls cleanly once again from 1000 revs.

Again, thanks for the responses and to this forum as without, I wouldn't have been able to convince the mechanic to do other than what the LR mechanics had advised them. Saved me a fortune.

The mechanic also asked me why I wanted to replace the shocks as in his opinion, unless I was intending to go offroad regularly, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my car and was one of the best rides he had had in a Disco.

That saved me many hundered of pounds. Good guys.

Thanks again


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