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how would you run a cable from battery to boot..?


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i am planning to fit my aux battery set-up into my disco (same set up i had in my defender) which will have 2 leisure batteries, wired in parallel and charged via a VSR, located in the rear of the drawer unit i'm about to build.

what i cant decide is how to run the charge cable (i'm using the cable from a set of jump leads that had knackered battery clamps so fairly heavy pos + neg cores running in one plastic cable) from the engine start batt to the rear load space..

do i run it in some conduit on top of the chassis rail, then punch a hole in the boot floor, or is there a rubber gromit in the bulkhead i could push it through, then run it under the carpet (up one side or under centre console) to reach the boot...

has anyone else done this? if so how did you do it...



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Haven't actually done that particular job but ISTR there is a biggish grommet somewhere down in the right hand side of the loadspace area, where the towing electrics go through and plug in inside the loadspace. So along the chassis and through there would be my suggestion, if the hole is big enough (can't remember how big it is exactly but I think it is big enough to push the towing electrics plug through)

I wouldn't try and run battery cables inside, thin cable like coax to an aerial is easy enough but battery cables would be difficult, unless you really didn't care what it looked like!

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In the past I've cased them in corrugated split sheathing first then secured the whole lot along the chassis frame terminating them with a pair of insulated studs on brackets inside the rear loadspace of the vehicle. From the studs I've then run short cables to the secondary battery setup.

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Steve, whereabouts would you buy these insulated studs from? i think i know what you are talking about but just want to be sure...... :huh:

and ralph, whats the best place (in the UK) to buy Anderson conectors from? VWP? :huh:

cheers for your input guys.. :)


i'll post some pictures when its finished... :)

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