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Td5 for under £5k... worth a try


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I have a limited budget ( under £5k ) and originally I was looking for a 300Tdi of which there are plenty but most of them rust buckets. I was told I should really consider a TD5 as its a better engine, the car is a better drive and less chance of rust ...

So I started looking and I could find on autotrader quite a few under £5k but I wasnt sure whether I should be looking at an early TD5 with high mileage (120l+) or I stick to paying more for a low mileage example..

The problem I have at the moment is that I have a Nissan Patrol which I need to part-ex which restricts me to trade purchases and thus paying more..

I am based near Crewe in Cheshire if that helps..



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A TD5 which has been well looked after, well serviced, and has not obvious problems is a good car. 120k miles is not a lot for a good example (mine is just coming to 170000 and is in great condition). After 2001 they were improved a bit. Unliklely you will get a "facelift" for under £5k. Suggest a late TD5 with FSH and no obvious issues is a good car.

Check all the "usuals", soch as easy shifting into 2nd gear when cold, wheel bearings, corrosion, ans the regular wire-in-loom type issues...

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I found a very good one 2001 on 95000m at 4,500 but it took many miles around Scotland to find a good one.

Take time to have a good look at the chassis the TD5 rusts in the same places as older models.

Prone to cylinder head gasket failure which can be caused by water pump impeller failure, symptom of impeller failure is an engine which runs just a little hotter than it should.

Check the steering ball joints the ones fitted at the ends of the axle are difficult to replace but not expensive to buy.

Exhaust manifolds can warp especially if chiped or tuned.

Ace pipes corrode inside the front drivers wheel arch and at other places.

Rear air bag condition.

Oil in injector plug harness cause poor performace.

Sun roofs can leak and are often sealed up, repair is a but involved but not really a prob.

Most of the above are easy fixes! and the Disco TD5 is a superb and capable vehicle, I'm getting 30ish Mpg from a car which will pull your house down but will have to replace the injector harness and a couple of steering ball joints.

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Mines has just reached 180000 miles admittedly the head gasket has had to be done but otherwise the only other problem was the power steering pipes in front of the radiator corroding.Another thing to consider is road tax pre March 2001 is on the old type road tax( about £200 a year) after this it goes on the new system.

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