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Dealer feedback on busted TD5 turbo


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Was driving on Tuesday and all of a sudden had a massive white smoke and no turbo pressure. Took it to the dealer, and here's what they have to say:

I have inspected the vehicle and found free axial play in the turbo main shaft which connects the two propeller turbines. The shaft and rotating bearing are lubricated by the oil line which you have mentioned in your mail.

The free play on the shaft causes the oil to be sucked into the turbo charger burned with the exhaust fumes and producing the white smoke.

Require to renew Turbo charger assembly with cleaning of inter cooler from oil remaining.

Cost of repair after your special discount USD 2,084

Just checking that this is what this is, and the price is "reasonable"? any suggestions?



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My LR EPC 2002 shows a Td5 turbo assembly for £568.20 plus taxes for your area for a exchange unit.

a brand new unit was £650 or £755 depending on chassis/engine number again plus the taxes for your area.

& microcat jan 2005 shows 1,112.38GBP plus taxes for the same unit.

2,084 USD = 1,130.95 GBP DONE ON here

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There is supposed to a certain amount of play in the bearing of the turbo as it floats in oil when the engine is running. Couldn't you get a second opinion? For that kind of money I certainly would.

As a rule of thumb - if the bearing is excessively worn the fins on the cold side of the turbo tend to scrape on the casing. If you remove the intake pipe you should be able to see if this is happening. White/grey smoke is also a symptom of retarded timing. If the smoke is produced by oil being burned you should easily be able to smell it - as you would too if it was diesel.

Les. :)

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i'd go with what Les said, get a second opinion... and if it does turn out to be dead... it'd be cheaper to source a recon from the UK and fit it yourself... (you look good with a set of spanners!!) the intercooler is easy to clean, just remove it and swish some thinners around in it...

once you've fitted to new turbo, you could always take it to a tuners to make sure its doing what it should....

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