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joining fuel pipes

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whats the best way to join the hard plastic diesel pipes? im fitting a 300 into a 110, i have tried some rubber hose over the plastic with jubilee clips but they not perfect.... gonna get some better jubilee clips not these cheap rubbish ones, is there a better way? the original platic pipe is just pushed onto the unions? how is this done?


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i just pushed the hard plastic into a 8mm rubber hose,used hose clips on the feed pipe to the filter and nothing on the return and mine are fine.

if you want to heat the plastic pipe to push it onto any unions put it in a cup of hot water for a while first.but i did not even heat the pipe up,

i once used the dia you get with a brake pipe flaring tool to clamp the pipe and knocked the unions on and that was on a fuel injection system that also worked fin,and that was around 80 psi presure,

up to the fuel pump on a landy i am sure there is very little presure,if your requirement is after the pump i would not know what presure it would be?

good luck

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8mm I/D pipe is a tight fit over the plastic pipe. A smear of grease on the plastic pipe will allow the rubber to slide over it with some resistance. You should use fuel pipe clips (as opposed to jubilee clips). 12mm is what you need.

Don't use heat as it's very difficult to guage how hot the pipe is and you may well weaken it to such an extent that it buckles and you still end-up with a poor join.

The original pipe isn't nylon - just fuel/oil resistant plastic, which doesn't expand or contract when warm or cold.


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Need to do mine too. It seems that from the fuel lift pump to the tank there is a small plastic pipe and also another from the other pipe to the fuel injection pump.

Does it not have metal pipes directly to the lift pump and IP or does it have to have plastic ones in between?

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