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TD5 tensioner

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Hi i've a Defender 2001 TD5 with 80,000 miles on it and the tensioner for the alt belt was making a racket and flapping about when ticking over, so a new one was ordered and fitted but now the noise is gone but its still flapping about. Why is it flapping about ? it moves at least 1/2" each way so an inch overall movement and if it continues it won't be long till the noise returns.It flaps about four times a second, hard to say really.

This can't be normal, i've a 300TDI and no movement out of the tensioner when its running.

Also is there a common leak point for coolant as its losing some ?

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When you say "... its still flapping about ..." do you mean the spring loaded tensioner or just the belt?

I think the belt flapping about is not unusual to a degree, more so when the engine is just ticking over, I know my old Td5 used to do it, I've just been out and checked the one I have now and it does it too but a lot less.

If it's as bad as you suggest, I think I'd try a new belt first, maybe it's worn unevenly.

While you've got the belt off, it's worth checking that all the other pulleys turn easily without any undue stiffness or noise, I've has to replace a few bearings in that area due to water/mud getting through the seals and wrecking the bearings.

As for the leak, I have to say I've never had a problem here so I can't say.

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Audis have the same 1 way pulley, and same siezing symptoms.

The flapping is probably caused by a partially siezed pulley somewhere, which gets tighter and slacker as it turns, this in turn means the load on the belt climbs and falls, and the tensioner takes up the difference.

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