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Heavy duty steering bars wrong thread size ??

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Hi all

I brought a pair of heavy duty steering bar for my 1986 90

I fitted the rear one (hub to hub) fine

The front one fits from the hub to the steering drop arm bracket; the problem is i unscrewed the bar from the drop arm bracket (which has the steering damper fixing point built into it ) but the thread on the is to big to screw into the heavy duty bar !!!

Anyone else had this problem

Many thanks Chris

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I fitted a set from Green Oval to my 1986 90 a few years ago and the hole on the Crossrod (the front bar) was not deep enought for the Crossrod Eye End (the bracket that the steering damper bolts to) to go in as this has an unthreaded section a couple of inches longer than the threaded portion. Normally this section would just fit inside the hollow tube but the replacement bar had not been drilled deep enough to take it so I just had it re-drilled to take the unthreaded portion.

What make are they and have you spoken to the supplying dealer?

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Just out of curiosity the end where the drop arm bracket is-have you tried to screw in a track rod end as you may find that's what has to be screwed in that end and not the drop arm bracket?



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