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ARB Problem (RD56)

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Went out with a mate yesterday, did some of the BOATS still open around here, one is just horrendous axle twister, rock hard ground but water washed away to make hard route......well I HATE football everything to do with football, and the sad "World stops" football manaia around at the mo - yes I am grumpy - and it was a lovely football free day / zone in the 90 :P .

Lovely route, and the end we pulled out onto the road ....and...............my steering was playing up BIG TIME.........

We struggled home, anything more than a bit of left or right meant loss of steering, .....jammed up solid, ....but home we got.

Today I pulled the front axle apart, thought maybe a CV had blown, side 1 fine, side 2 ...

Fine :unsure: , ...........pulled diff as I thought it was not behaving right with "tests".........

..........and low and behold the ARB seems to be jammed "On", as there is no internal movement.

I am suprised,...........

I have never heard much go wrong with ARB stuff, and have never heard of this before, and have never had one apart either, .........so I think a call to a mate cometh...

Anyone ever come across this before, ..........and if so what has happended ?

Puzzled, hot and slightly P*ss*d of of Surrey :angry:


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Count yourself lucky.

At least your crownwheel bolts didn't come loose, like mine did.

ARB diff case bent and holes elongated, end cap holes elongated, all crownwheel bolts ground to dust, crownwheel and pinion both damaged by grinding the bolts up.

£300 to fix, and that's with a trade acount!

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Nige, I've heard of this before but, generally, they seem reliable. Its bead luck BUT you have had those centres for a while now. I've often wondered if it might be worth having a 'full metal internals' kit made up to stop this happening.

Oh, I also agree with you about Football. I've got a very passing interest in how England do but I'm really not bothered. To escape the whole thing I'm off to Le Mans on Wednesday morning which should be far more fun ;)

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