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which snorkel?

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Am starting to think snorkel now and looking at the main ones available (admittedly to an untutored eye) the Safari and Mantec ones appear to have quite a lot of gubbins outside the wing whereas the Southdown keeps things more inside. I have also seen a few which are less streamlined than the Safari or Mantec type but a good bit cheaper - which makes them attractive. To my mind this would tend to make the Southdown one less vulnerable as it is less likely to have the wing connection damaged.

I have also seen DIY suggestions but have very little fabrication capability and it strikes me you want this particular bit watertight rather than almost so.

Anyone got suggestions as best for a 200Tdi defender? I am not looking extreme stuff but given flooding is becoming increasingly prevalent it seems sensible and would allow a bit more leeway when out on a play.



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If a 200Tdi then I wouldn't bother with a Safari, or any snorkel that attatches to the outside of the wing. The interior wing pipework on 200Tdis (and 2.5TDs) is very poor, and very difficult to seal effectively. A wing-top entry allows a much better system with less joints and therefore less chances of leaks.

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Although the Safari one has it's own pipe work that passes through the wing rather than merely sealing against it.

Not on a 200Tdi, as in nearside wing intake. There's a heater box in the way so no direct path is available. This is why the silly LR plastic bit is there in the first place.

Unless of course they've changed it since I got mine a couple of years ago.

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"Although the Safari one has it's own pipe work that passes through the wing rather than merely sealing against it."

Certainly that is how the 300TDI & TD5 Safari Snorkles work, not certain about the 200TDi because as already stated that is on the other wing.

Beware the cheap Safari Snorkle lookalikes as I believe they seal against the wing whatever model you have, the genuine item is more robust and resistant to leaks caused by panel damage.

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