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Excessive play in the shifter

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Hi mate

I had this exact problem on my 200tdi Defender. I bought brand new pattern parts for approx £70

That included the bottom ball bit, the alloy casing which is damaged as you have shown, the paper gasket and a new spring (watch these when you refit as mine took a big lump out of my finger when it slipped! :huh: )

I would give you the part numbers but I dont have the parts book to hand (will look tonight if i get a minute)

I bought mine from my local independant land rover specialist but I expect LRseries/paddocks etc will be able to supply them for you

It was well worth sorting out on mine - made it feel like a new gear box!!!

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Forgot to say - it's a doddle to do

Undo the 4 bolts that hold the casing to the top of the gearbox and it all comes apart easily

hardest bit is getting that stupid rubber cover back over the spring once it is all back together!

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if the spring is not broken leave it, but make sure you set it up correctly, otherwise you'll find it a pain to select the gears.

main gear lever should move in a straight line between 3rd & 4th gears without any sideways movement.

here's how to set the spring.


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