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alot a head


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use the standard arm from the engine, standard rubber mount, then the only bit that needs chopping is the mount on the chassis, easiest way is to cut the mount from a defender chassis and weld into your series, u can fabricate the whole lot but its time consuming.

u might have to move your battery too to under the seat, or make the battery tray removeable so u can fit back in after the engine is dropped in.

easier and good practise for peace of mind to change the cambelt before the engine goes in too

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but its time consuming.

Indeed, especially if you get it wrong the first time and have to start over :angry:

Good idea re: replace the cam belt.

I'm using two batteries, so the original battery tray is still there for the winch, but higher up so that it clears the inj pump, and a second battery in the seat box for the engine.

If you are just going to use one battery, then under the seat box is fine - near enough to the starter so maybe the original leads can still be used. The Earth cable however can go straight to the rear of the Transfer case, and then one from the starter motor to the chassis.

Les. :)

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Not quite sure what mount you are referring to, but the petrol rubber mount is a different shape to the diesel (it's round), but they are inter-changeable. The engine blocks have the same holes for the various mounts.

Petrol mounting rubbers are a softer type of rubber for you girly types. Whereas the superior diesel macho-men, use the square 'I'm fairly tough' harder type. I use cast iron ones and use a block of concrete to sit on. :ph34r:


(I'm nails, me) B)

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brake servo and box will fit straight into your bulkhead, if its a late 90 servo (larger diameter) then u wont be able to shut your bonnet, earlier type is fatter and smaller diameter and will bolt striaght in and u will be able to shut your bonnet ;)

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Yep, that one won't fit (or it will, but you'll have to either drive everywhere with the bonnet up, or cut a funny hole in it!) I have the stubby 90 type with 90 Master cyl.

In your pic it looks like you have the smaller servo fitted already?


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