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discovery lifted with extended arches, what size tyres???


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i have a 5dr discovery with a 2inch lift and have just bought some flexi 50mm extended arches. i have 245/70/16 tyres at the minute but when i fit the arches they will look a bit daft. i am after advice and pictures of what size wheel and tyre packages other people have used. any advice would be great


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Here's my Discovery with a 2" lift (but saggy old springs, so really 1" ish), cut down defender arches and 265/75/16 tyres:

post-5209-086536300 1291898886_thumb.jpg

And here it is again with about 6" combined suspension and body lift on 37/12.5/16 tyres:

post-5209-006205700 1291898940_thumb.jpg

I'd say that you need to look at a big off set rim (like a modular or similar) with anything from a 32" to 33" diameter tyre. Beyond that you may get into rubbing, plus risk drive chain failures when pushing hard. 265/75/16 and 285/75/16 are good choices.

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I run 265/75/16 MT's on 7x16 modulars on my 200tdi, and they fill the standard arches nicely, possibly projecting about half an inch. 285's will only be marginally wider ....... but 30mm spacers on either will mean they fill the extended arches.

My rear arches are stock, but the bottom of the rear panel has been cut away - even so, with the 265's fitted, during axle articulation my tyres still catch on the bodywork, meaning I need to enlarge the arches a little to prevent damaging the tyres, fitting taller tyres (285's or more ... ) will only exacerbate the problem :)

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