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What size tyres will fit?

Jon White

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Mate o mines recently bought a 4dr rangie. Looking to get some MT's on it for a bit of greenlaning and playdays - nothing too major.

Question is what'll fit? He's running the standard 3 spoke alloys, and no lift with (fairly tired) standard springs.

He doesnt really want to lift it (well ok I dont casue he's got no mechanical knowledge and it'll be me ends up having to do it!). So the question is how much bigger than 205/16 can he go?

He's got a set of 265/75/16 grizzlies spare at the moment - am I right in thinking he cant fit these without loads of hassle and bodywork trimming.

Any thoughts anyone? If it was my truck I'd make the grizzlies fit, but as its not I dont need another job!



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My RRC had 255/65/16 fitted which clear the arches no issues, but will hit the radius arms unless the stops are adjusted. They are std height (29") but wider.

I now have a 2" lift so they look a bit lost in the arch now which is why I am waiting for them to wear out before going to 31" tall.


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265 /75 or 235/85 really need a 2" lift ,particlularly remoulds that tend to come up big.

Even then they will foul the rear doors.

With vogue alloys and tyres of this size you will also loose loads of steering lock.

If it is only occasional laning etc then I would stick with 235x70 or 225x75. At this size you will have no problems at all other than getting stuck in all the ruts a standard LR will breeze through :angry: .

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I've got 245/70 16 BFG all terrains on my RRC on standard suspension with no problems other than they reduce the lock slightly. Standard 3 spoke alloys


Anyone know what the Diso Stock Tire Size is?



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