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Squealing / machining noise


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I’ve got a 110 TD5 Defender and a weird squealing/machining sound has occurred.

I first thought it was an auxiliary belt pulley but it doesn’t occur when the vehicle is stationary or when the engine is rev’d.

The sound only occurs when the vehicle is moving and under load. If I dip the clutch and coast the sound does not occur.

It occurred after a light green laning trip. My 110 has always had a problem with jumping out of difflock when it’s in a cross axel’d situations. The last lane I did it jumped out of difflock quite harshly.

It was used as a tree surgery vehicle before I brought it and I suspect it has been used in low range and difflock a fair bit. It has done 130,000 miles.

Because of my greenlining issue and the fact it only occurs under load I believe it’s likely to be an problem with the drive train.

Does anyone have any clues??



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