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Registration plates


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ASFAIK as long as you inform the police, insurance and DVLA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after the theft

then there is a 12 month period (if the vehicle is not recovered) after which you can request

return of the plate to yourself.

Fail to inform and you can potentially lose the plate.

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May need to talk to the insurance company as well.

As far as I know once the insurance pays out they own the vehicle (and presumable any bit attached that they have paid out for), if the vehicle is later recovered it goes to them and they can sell it on or scrap it at there will.

If they haven't paid extra for a custom plate then it might be possible to argue that you still own that and can ask for it back. If the vehicle is never recovered then thay may well not be intrested in the hassle of getting a plate back and happy for you to try and get it back as suggest.

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Seems like a bit of a grey area here anyone got a definitive answer ????


The right to use the plate remains with you as the owner. If the vehicle is stolen and that fact is reported to the Police they will issue you with a crime ref number. You inform DVLA and pass on the crime ref as confirmation. After 12 months, if the vehicle is unrecovered, you can apply to transfer the plate to another vehicle.

DVLA Cherished number plates PDF

Hope this helps.


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