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Exhaust heatsheild below clutch slave

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On my defender 200tdi, i've just had a custom exhaust manufactured. The new exhaust sits a few inches further from the clutch slave cylinder than the original version. There si a flexible section directly below the slave. The original heatshield to protect the clutch slave cylinder was not re-fitted. How mch effect will this have on the slave? The od exhaust was a fair bit closer to the slave than my new one. The new exhaust is 2.5inch diameter, so the sheild will be a pain to fit to that, so if the advice is to re-fit it, i'll try and attach it to the side of the chassis above the slave cylinder.

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Thanks both. Thats good to hear. I know you have had the 200tdi in for some time Ralph, so i guess i shouldnt worry! Was the sheild just a feature of the 19J TD (my old system) or did the 200tdi system have one fitted originally as well?

I would think that the sheild gets pretty hot anyway and eventually does little to redirect the heat.

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