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200tdi Poor start


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I have just completed replacing the knackered disco 200tdi that was in my Defender 90 (no oil pressure) with a newly rebuilt disco 200tdi lump. All gone in great and she fired up just fine and for a week has been running brilliantly, then yesterday she was a cow to start and when she did wouldnt rev for about twenty seconds and exactly the same again today. Ive checked all the intercooler pipes all ok, new glow plugs (and yes I did the hold ignition for ten seconds bit), drained and primed fuel filter etc.

Once she is started and allowed to tick over for 10-20 seconds she revs great ! When she is warm she starts and runs perfectly.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. The only thing ive done in the last week was add a turbo gauge and I have checked all the pipes are fine - although forums suggest that these wont effect reving and starting.

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Indeed, check the injector leak-off pipes (small tubes between each injector and then back down to the injection pump). These can fray and break over time, which lets air into the system and causes a delay in starting/clean running when it's been left for a while.

A bit of fuel hose the correct size (1/8" I think) from the motor factors will sort it, or it did on mine anyhow :)

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