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Does this sound too good to be True?

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mmm.... brand new user, no feedback.

Why would anyone take a photo of the odometer through the window? If I was taking a few shots of my vehicle I would open the door to take the photo! Unless I didn't have the keys! :unsure:

Ask for a visit, they'll show their true colours then.

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Did anybody see the question:

"Q: hello there can you tell me what make and model the winch is please and what condition it is in? regards simon

A: Not sure..it has a sort of emblomed W moulded in the plastic cover of the motor- pulls out at least 30mtrs- pulls the 2ton RR out of a sticky hole when it's in one- and runs from an electric cable hook through the front bumper(part of the winch set up) If you want more photos give me an email and and I'll venture out and forage to take more photos Regards"

"Has a sort of W in the top?" :huh: Yeah sounds like he bought it to me, regular expert on winches, bet he has all the receipts too, for "one 2 ton winch with a sort of W in the top" :hysterical:

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