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No front prop

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Been noticing vibration and juddering under braking and pulling a high gear today, under the car no play in the ujs front or rear, but at the sliding joint on the front it seems to be the problem, it flexes upwards a lot and seems to have a fair bit of movement in it. I need my Landy every day for getting to work and having started a new job payday ain't till Friday so doubt very much gwyn would be able to get a prop to me Saturday. So could I knock the front prop off, stick it in difflock and drive around Like that? Most trips are about 30 mile round trips except for thursday where I would have to do probably 80 odd miles? Would it be okay for that distance also up to what speeds bearing in mind 65 seems to be the most o ever go at.

Cheers fellas


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Just had a problem with mine too:


Mines been without the front prop for the last two days. Its been fine but perhaps a little more clunky. My journey to work is only 5 or so miles, but i would be happier to drive it further having done it now. See what the others say first though. New prop going on tonight - was well pleased with the quality of the Gwyn Lewis one when it arrived today.

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No problem. I had mine off for a week and drove everything from the mountain twisties to pretty much flat out on the motorway without any issues. Now you have removed power to the front end so it will handle a little differently in the bends but a little common sense and it isn't anything to worry about or maybe even noticeable. You will get a bit smoother on engaging the clutch as the front prop flange bangs a bit if you are rough as any backlash in the transfer case is no longer damped by the front drive train. In the long term you are putting all the power through the rear axle so the flanges/ujs etc will wear out faster but that is a matter of months/years so not an issue with a temporary removal.

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Two wheel drive Land Rovers have been made and I don't believe any of the RWD parts were beefed up in the process so you should be fine. Just make sure the CDL lever is not loose or going to pop out of lock while driving. I'd check the rear prop condition at the same time, if the front is getting worn the rear may be as well and the above statement is true when the rear is in good condition.

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