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The Hampshire Milling Machine


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Unlike the more conventional Bridgeports etc, the Hampshire milling machine is more compact, in fact it is hand-held. Therefore it looses a little in accuracy - it could hardly be considered CNC ;)

In actual fact its nothing more than a carbide burr attatched to a 1/4" die grinder.


But damn is it a handy thing to have around, it will grind through weld and steel with no problem at all, prefect for enlarging holes, and with a gentle touch even stripping paint/rust defore welding.

If you've already got a compressor the die-grinder is pretty cheap and the burrs are about £5 from eBay, that particular bit has "end-flutes" so it will cut on the end too.

It throws up lots of chips though, and there is no guard - E Y E P R O T E C T I O N

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Good tool andy for getting carp in your eyes!!!!!!!!1 ;)

Are you going to show us some of the beautiful CNC-look milling you've done with it?

Looks a handy thing to have. Dare say it would be pretty good for removing carp from your eyes ;)


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Are you going to show us some of the beautiful CNC-look milling you've done with it?

Hardly CNC - but this was the winner for me

The propshaft flange had a larger disc of steel welded to it (by our own Tonk).

Alas there wasn't clearance for the nuts on the back

But the carbide burr made short work of it, the end flutes gave a reasonably flat surface for the nuts to seat on.


I'm still wondering what other tool would have cut through the steel and weld so easily. It only took 10 mins to do, it would take me longer than that to clamp the piece to the bed of a mill ;)

I really must detail some of MogLites undercarriage :ph34r:

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Argghh, die grinder swarf, sharp little buggers get everywhere...

I've just bought a 90 degree 1/4" die grinder as I've always found you can never quite get the inline ones in where you want to.

Typically though, I havn't found a use for it now I've got it. lol


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