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CSW 2 Day Event

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no worries Russ, shows what the susuki will do with a willing team, so winning class after rolling and breaking spring, not bad. expect the competition at Tonys bash will be too much for you though! i heard the bloke setting it up is a right b***er and you will never get them all!

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Adrian is the chap driving the Tomcat with John Jennings as co driver.

Bloody good event but the punches were a bit difficult to find .

I prefered JST`s event on this site ,well marked punches and all at different scoring values.

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Just different ways of doing it but thanks for the words. You have the date of the next one!

I believe there is some justification in allocating a higher no of points to punches that less people get, that way it makes it worth you taking an hour say to go for a specific punch going on the basis not many will get it. therefore that one punch could be worth the same as 4+ easier one etc.

If they are all worth the same, when i compete i just move onto the next punch and come back to the harder ones if theres time at the end (usually not).

If your going to get them all then it doesnt matter what they are worth!

Chris Watts super spreadsheet that makes it all possible anyway, so praise to him for the work in making my scoring work!

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some of my pics from the event (and to help names to faces)

Pod (Ade) Modified winner:


Std class winners: (Russell and Lewis)


Jase trayback, unfortunately winch motors proved an issue



Roger, std class and a broken diff change


Derek (2nd modified i think), from Country Rovers Chard:


and name unknown (sorry) but a well bogged in disco, think i will use this little bog next time in mine!


overall excellent day, thanks to Gary, Nigel and Chris for setting it up, sorry i had to leave early sun.

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