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Fabricating a new front bumper for my Disco

Orgasmic Farmer

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Having finally bent the standard bumper once too often :( and left the end caps hanging at rediculous angles after our last foray into the woods, I finally decided to do something with all the odd bits of steel lying round the workshop. Also gave me a chance to practice on the old welder. I wanted a bumper that didn't look too dissimilar from the original but it needed to be very strong.

Starting point was to cut off the old brackets, weld a 6mm plate onto the inside edge of the braket (to add strength) and then weld a 8mm angle btween the 2 brackets. The angle was bent in the middle to follow the curve of the old bumper. To this I welded a 3mm 2x3 box, also cut on 3 sides and re-welded to give the curved shape.


I then fored the corners by cutting and re-welding the box and then added extensions to mimic the form of the old bumper. I then added 6mm gussets below the bumper to brace it in the vertical plane and to give it more visual depth. These are angled back to help with the approach angle and are fixed to small pieces of box that form high-lift jacking points. The central bit between the jacking points was in-filled in a similar way.


Finally I added some bracing to add stregth to the corners and to triangulate the side pieces. The whole lot was welded up and tidied up with the grinder.


Here it is fitted to the truck prior to painting


And another pic showing the high-lift in operation (using the standard bit not the defender tube fitting). I ran a few beads of weld inside the box where the jack locates to help stop it sliding off.


Now all I have to do is paint it up. More pics will follow when its finished.


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Cheers for +tive replies. I have 2 recovery eyes on the steering guard so didn't bother adding extra to the bumper. Thought about getting some of those nice swivel eyes at a later date. The gaping void looks worse than it is due to the angle of the pic. I am in 2 minds about filling it in any more. Part of me says it would look better and be stronger but another part says it will get filled with muck if you try to reverse out of a hole and act like a giant anchor!

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