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rear diff flange leak

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Looking for a little advice please. 2003 td5 defender

its mot time coming soon and my rear diff flange seal is leaking (again) and this time i was wondering if i fitted myself to save labour if i need any special tools.

roughly thinking its chock landy

remove rear propshaft

undo flange nut

remove flange somehow and old seal

clean - any ideas here?

find some sort of extra sealant to help stop it oozing

refit parts above

thinking using this kit STC4858 from somebody like lrdirect as its a bearmach kit.

so advice on kit - supplier - how best to clean - any sealants to use and any huge flaws in my plan.

it doesnt leak badly but its persistant and on my 2nd dealer fitted one in couple years.



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What's causing the leak?

Is it coming out between the seal and the drive-flange, or between the drive-flange and the diff casing?

If the former, I'd suggest you have an underlying problem like time-expired pinion-bearings, or maybe a groove worn in the drive-flange where the seal bears on it. Seal-replacement's not going to be a long-term fix.

If the latter - strip it, clean it, refit the seal with a bead of a non-hardening gasket compound [my preference being Blue Hylomar].

Also, check that the axle-breather is unobstructed: if your diff is pressurising because of a blocked breather then all the new seals and sealant in the world's not gonna help!


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seems to be where drive flange and seal are so the idea of sealent would work hopefully. its a very slow ooze and only requires a top up once a year of a quarter litre or less. just leaves outside of casing damp which sucks at mot time

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If you are lazy you could just clean with a rag before you go to mot.

Oil leaks are not fails unless they hinder safety such as oil leaks onto brake discs.

I checked this with my mot man as my engine is very wet.

He said it was fine on drive train, engine and gearboxes.

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