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Buying a hybrid


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I am hoping someone can help me, I am aware of the iva process (infact taking a vehicle through it now) and aware of the 8 points process.

I am thinking of buying a hybrid which is a 100 rr chassis with defender body. I believe it was built a number of years ago.

The question I have is when I take it for an MOT will I be told it needs an iva or is there a cut off point for vehicles already on the road?

I seem to remember there was but can't find any firm details.


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IVA eligability is not part of the MOT. You could take a hybrid registered as a ford cortina, and so long as it was ok in every other respect it would pass the mot. The only time it being incorrectly registered is ever likely to be picked up is at a VOSA roadside check. IMHO this too is fairly unlikely as I personally have only ever seen VOSA dipping tanks for red diesel - thats all.


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