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heaters or lack of

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ive got kenlowe fan fitted, twas a freebeee. been advised by a mate that i should block my radiator up so my heaters get hotter and the engine runs hotter thus with more efficiency.

separate issues is i have a disco 200tdi in a defender and need to swap something over for the temperature gauge to be accurate?

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The discovery temperature sender is indeed diferent to the defender variant, but they are also different threads so you will need an adaptor as well, I just went for an aftermarket temperature gauge in the end, so I know what temperature the coolant is rather than guessing.

I think the discovery thread is M16x1.5 and the defender sender is 5/8UNF but i would double check that if i were you.

What does your gauge currently read at running temperature? Mine used to be at the top end of the white section, about 2 o'clock ish, which the new gauge says is about 85-90 celcius, and I wouldn't want it to run much hotter than that.

Regards, Matt

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The Discovery sender is different because the Discovery gauge is also different, just like SII and SIII gauges and senders are different and incompatible. In your case, you need to fit the Defender sender to get your gauge to read correctly.

Electric fans are way over-rated. They are only advisable where you do a lot of deep wading and need to switch the fan off or where an engine retrofit prevents the fitting of the viscous fan. I have a Discovery 200Tdi in my 109 and wasn't able to retain its original fan, forcing me to fit an electric unit. I suspect you had the same problem - the water pump is in a different place to the Defender version and so displaces the fan, in my case to foul the chassis and brake lines.

Don't block the rad with anything if the gauge is reaching 1/3 of the way up the normal arc - that is standard temperature for a Tdi and raising it higher could lead to heat damage. If it isn't reaching that temperature (and the gauge is reading correctly), then replace the thermostat - that is a safe fix that controls the engine temperature to the optimum, but blocking rads is not normal except in Arctic conditions; the thermostat should do the job well enough by itself in the UK climate.

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Have recently fettled my 110 and 130 heaters.

Strip heater box, new matric, new OE stat, flush/back flush rad, expansion tank, every hose you can disconnect and get to, head, heater hoses etc. You will be amazed at the amount of crud that comes out. Makse sure resistor pack in fan is working ok and seals etc are good.

Improved both by massively noticeable amount. Took couple fo hours tops.

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