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from the horses mouth diso 1 part MWC4841


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Just got this from the horses mouth! Have been chasing my [transfer tunnel] for about six months now for a rear n/side outer wheel arch for my disco 1 mwc4841 to no avail! For the six months i have been given dates ranging from next week to next month to 2/3 months? lol I have tried many avenues but all get the part from the same source Britart! Who intern rely on a foreign manufacturer, all well and good. But i have just been told by Britpart the current manufacturer of the said part have gone in to liquidation and as yet Brit has bot yet found a new manufacturer wiling to make the part! Let alone receive a sample part before a formal order can be given! So k kinda think we wont see the part on the shelf this side of the new year!

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Definately one for YRM, if they could do them. I have phoned them for my RRC but they don't currently do them.

Good further info that D12MUD, I am in a very similar situation having been told all sorts of dates too.

I think that clinches it for now though on mine. I will just weld up what I have to get it through an MOT for now.

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I have a re useable ns one in my shed. Bottom part iscthe only rusty bit. Was removed carefully as I was planning to re use it myself

hi if you do have a n/side disco arch i would like to have it please let me know ....best chris

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Seriously, a pal and I are thinking of dismantling discos and sending body parts os if there is enough interest, apart from boat owners who leave their tow vehicles on the ramps and in sea water (lazy sods) few, if any Australian LR's have rust, the most affected areas being around the Disco and Defender Alpine windows, most early exported chassis were galvanised as an additional form of protection agains the 12 week sea voyage and the fact that the cars were generally either above deck or that the storage decks were not well sealed. My 1998 series 1 has such a galvanised chassis which seems to have been powder coated as well or at lease a good coating of black paint. It was manufactured in June 1998 and and first registered in June 1999 so from manufacture to leaving the sales room floor --- a period of 12 months !!!! -- so LR had to be sure that their body warranty was up to their claims.

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