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Handbrake Cable

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Hello All

Handbrake cable snapped yesterday, but a friend had a selection of three for me to refit a new one. :)

All going well, following advice on here until I tried to remove the cable from the seatbox. Not quite sure how it is supposed to be fixed, but new cable appears to have a lock nut on one side and a hex on the other, like a standard bulkhead fitting. Existing cable seems to have a boss welded to the back of the seatbox and nothing on the front side.


Soaked in penetrating spray and I'll have another go at undoing it tomorrow, but only space for a stubby spanner. I would remove the cubby box, but it has an additional heater matrix plumbed in to the cooling system so have to drain down the coolant first.

These five minute jobs always seem to take longer than anticipated.

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There was a boss welded to the bracket, which was removable so that the handbrake cable could be unscrewed on the bench. Not sure I saw a mention of this anywhere, but I think this is a V8 stiffening bracket, so probably peculiar to the V8.


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I note from that picture that there is supposed to be a handbrake switch. I don't have one, but do appear to have spare connection of some sort hanging about near the stiffener bracket. Drawing suggest that switch is fitted on the handbrake bracket itself, on the other side of the seatbox.

Is there a pressing reason to actually fit a handbrake switch? I normally remember to not drive off with it engaged and I seem to have just passed an MOT with no switch.

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