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TD5 Cruise control

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I've a 2003MY TD5 90 which I'm loving and to which I'm adding upgrades as funds and confidence allow.

Over the past couple of days I've wired in cruise control using knowledge I've gleaned on this excellent forum. It's wired into pins 10, 11 15 and 17 of the ECU and it works a treat. Thank you very much to anyone who's posted on cruise control.
There is one problem which just defeats me, however.

My 90 has a "Roverdrive" overdrive unit, fitted by the previous owner. It has given no problems in itself but when it's engaged the CC will only work in 4th gear. It will not set in 3rd or 5th gears. (Haven't tried 1st or 2nd, obv!) In non-overdrive mode the CC works perfectly in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears.

If anyone can shed any light I'd be really grateful. Many thanks, Andy

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Thank you Anderzander. In the thread you pointed me to, Yourself and V8 Freak have detailed and clarified a great deal. Something like the Speedo-Healer may well be what's needed. However the overdrive unit can be engaged or not, unlike a transfer box which is always "in". I would need a solution to switch in or out, depending on whether the overdrive was engaged. (What's another switch or two! Ha, ha!). I'm not clear on where the Speedo-Healer is wired in? Andy

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Andy, could you play with the electrickery to be activated simultaneously to the Roverdrive, i dont know how it is selected itself, but say as per my series overdrive, you could put a brake light switch type thing to be either pressed with the end of the selector shaft or the lever itself,

switch activated overdrive would be very easy to do using the right relay system. then you wouldnt have to do anything out of the ordinary for it to switch the correction system on.

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Thanks Discomikey. I maybe overthinking things a bit! I guess the CC could just be kicked in with the Roverdrive then it would only need to be calibrated for that usage. Do you know how a Speedo-Healer would need to be wired into the CC? Regards, Andy

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Hi there,

I wired the Speedo Healer into the feed from the speedo to ECU. (I think pin 13 without looking at the diagrams again.) I programmed it to lower the pulses by the same percentage I had changed the final drive and it worked.

I took power from a switched live into the ECU for the Speedo Healer. Basically I leave it attached and on all the time and it comes on when the ECU is switched on. Simples.

Feel free to ask it you need more...


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slightly of track here, but hope related enough. I have installed cruise control into my TD5 Defender some months back and it works well - also many thanks to the forum members for sharing their experience.

I am looking at changing the instrument cluster and don't want to loose the cruise control function as have got really used to it.

my question is a bit odd I suppose, but I am trying to work out the minimum wiring needed to be connected from the speedometer head (or standard TD5 instrument loom) to enable the speedo and Cruise control to work

I am thinking that it would require top speedo plug

pin 1 - Yellow/pink - ecu needed for cruise control pulse?

pin 2 - black/red - transducer needed for speed reading

pin 3 - pink - LED not really needed?

pin 4 - red/orange - interior lights not really needed?

pin 5 - not used

pin 6 - brown/blue - Alarm LED not really needed?

pin 7 - black - earth (-'ve) needed for earth

pin 8 - not used

pin 9 - purple/brown - constant +'ve needed to retain odometer display

pin 10 - white / green - ignition +'ve needed for main power

any required from bottom plug?

pin 1 - white orange - low fuel light

pin 3 - green/black - fuel sender

pin 5 - green/blue - sometimes used for water temp? - I don't have connected

pin 7 - light green/black - fuel gauge

pin 9 - light green/blue - I don't have connected

even numbered pins - not present in speedohead

any thoughts / confirmation appreciated

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