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Power steering box cracked....


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Has anyone had the P.A.S. box crack on the 4 bolt plate simply just from turning lock to lock?

I'm running 37" tyres but was just manoeuvring out of my workshop for the first time doing multiple lock to lock turns and it failed. Anyone got any ideas cos I'm stumped.


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Never seen it before but I do know that later PAS boxes have got an aluminium top cover with bearing inserts and the older types have a cast steel one, cold be that you have an aluminium one and turning the 37s is too much pressure for it? there is only a short length of shaft from the worm roller to the bearing but a lot of power being pushed upwards as the worm tries to rotate the wheel.

Maybe a steel one would solve this but it does point out a weakness when running tyres that size!!

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I've run 38" tyres for well over a year, off roading etc. no problem it just failed whilst doing a simple million point turn.

I will get a magnet on it today, didnt know that there were ally and iron tops. I would presume an iron top would be stronger and if this is an iron top then do you recon a hydro assis kit would be good to help it out when I fix it?

You wouldn't have any idea when they started putting ally tops on would you? Mines a 1998 Defender.

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Thing is the PAS box was never meant for turning anything above 32", 7.50 was biggest tyre size from standard as far as I know, so the taller and wider they are the more stress you put on the PAS box and pop!!

I have wondered previously what would be a stronger box to upgrade to in terms of handling silly sized tyres???

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I've twisted two mainshafts but have never had any problems on the top of the box. Strange. I'm currently running a good second hand discovery box. When this fails I will fit a Gwyn Lewis hydro assist kit. I have found discovery boxes are easier to find in good condition as they have mostly done road miles.

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