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109 roof seals


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I have recently purchased a hardtop for my 109 and want to renew all the seals when I put it on (mastic is not an option as I want to be able to take it off in summer).

When I search for the correct seals i get superseded part numbers but I cant find anywhere what the newer seals are like.

The originals are shaped rubber but what are the newer versions? If they're the foam type can I just use something like this http://www.sealsdirect.co.uk/shopping.asp instead?


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is this to go between the sides and the roof, or the sides and the tub?

have you looked at what a 110 uses? being the same basic construction the seal from the 110 should work on the 109. if you find out what it is exactly it would most likely be cheaper to buy it by the metre. most likely much better quality than britpart too. i would reccommend woolies trim

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Fitted it this afternoon due to half day friday (you'd think it was nearly christmas or something....)

Turns out the 'one size fits all' part number for the roof to tub seals is rubbish and the ones ive got are too short. They do however have a cunning little tab and groove arrangement that keeps them in place and just need a bit of poking to get them in place.

Unfortunately being an ex military soft top there are extra holes in some places and no holes where there need to be so its going to have to come off again, but that can wait til after xmas.

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