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What electrics have i got ?

The Saint

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That's all needed :)

Except MAYBE the fan relay, for cars with air con it ran the fans after stopping IIRC.

Small relays are fuel pump and ECU relays, red wire thingy is the 'tune resistor' and the white plug with black wire looks like it is something to do with the autobox inhibit switch -which makes me think it's not actually wired in :)

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Hmm, you might want to find out if it is wired in? looking at these photos reminded me that my low pressure electric pump does not stop in an accident i guess it was only considered a problem when fuel injection was used due to high pressure?


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When i took the seat off, the plunger was down. I thought it was an unusual feature and put it up for the photos. The RR still starts with the plunger in the up position.

Some setups didn't use the inertia-switch; they had instead a 3-terminal oil-pressure-light switch. One terminal fired the oil-pressure-light, the other 2 terminals had the fuel-pump wired through them so if the engine stalled and you got zero oil-pressure the fuel-pump was shut off.

There was usually a diode fitted too, so the fuel-pump got fed power when you were actually cranking the engine.

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