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N/S headlight failed

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Is it the dip, main or both. Run a live feed to the lamp and see if it works. I eventually tracked my fault down, and just re wired it from the fuse box. Basically, behind the fuse box, there is a plastic 'multi block' connector. Unfortunately they DO NOT like water, and this time of year,the windscreen , as you know, is saturated in the morning, 'on the inside'. this runs down the bulkhead inside, and wets the connector block. have a look at the block, the black, burned one will be the one you want.

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Not checked anything yet, biblical rain down here.......again......will start looking tomorrow, When a halogen fails do borh hi and lo go, or usually just one? I have no hi or lo on the N/S........


Bulb has 2 filaments, unlikely they've both gone,

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Twas the bulb, surprised both filaments had gone, hence my original post........fixed now........

Whats next?

The list is massive!

Wire up rear worklight

Build storage boxes for rear wheelarch tops

Rubber mat the rear

Stop sunroof leaking (again)

Fix passenger vent flap

Fit fuel gauge, when it arrives

Fit spare wheel bracket to inner bulkhead and remove ratchet strap.

Fit battery retainer bracket

Realign doors

Make seal for catflap rear door

Wire Interior light

Fix clock backlight

Rewire reversing light

Sell Jimny!

etc etc, thats just the stuff I know about

The blighters are never finished!


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