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Defender Handbrake Sticking (Adjuster/Drum)?

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Hello everyone,

Sorry to open up another handbrake topic, but I couldn't find a solution elsewhere.

My handbrake was very stuck a few nights ago, (probably after getting to adventurous in all this flooding). I ended up loosening the handbrake adjuster as much as I could, which wasn't very far which was odd. Ended up hitting it with a hammer and rocking her eventually loosening it enough to drive on it which was probably a bad idea.

Anyhow today I attempted to clean it all up, took of the prop and drum screws etc and tried to pull the bleedinn thing off, the drum came out about 5mm and then wouldn't budge, couldn't spin it either anymore. I then tried to loosen the adjuster even more assuming the shoes weren't in enough. However the adjuster was completely stuck.The handbrake spins but it still drags.

Shouldn't the adjuster, adjust much more?

How do I get the drum off?

Cheers :D

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Have you checked the operating rod coming out the back of the handbrake is moving in/out freely?

You may need to tap it inwards into the drum to make sure the shoes are fully back.

When you get the drum off, it's a good idea to properly clean up the adjuster on one side and expander on the other, give them some clean grease, and check for oil leaks from the output flange oil seal.

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I’ve had similar experiences after wading, which I have to do each winter. The back drums seize and go with a bang when I drive off to free them, same with the handbrake. So now when I park up overnight I coast to a halt, not using the foot brake, and park up leaving it in gear with the handbrake off. I have plenty of space so it’s perfectly safe. You might want try the same if you need to do more wading once you’re freed up and rolling again.

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Sounds like its going to be a battle of attrition. Is there any special technique for hammering it off?

OK Eightpot ill check the rod again and make sure its right in. Will i need to replace anything or can i get away with cleaning it up?

I might have to try that Paddy!

Cheers for the input people :)

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You should be fine cleaning the expander up, getting all the old hardened gunk off it and giving it a light grease - if it looks well worn though it's not an expensive part.

A squirt of plusgas might help in backing the adjuster off if you don't think it's coming out all the way

You might find that the handbrake drum has a groove worn into it from the shoes, and that's what's stopping it sliding off over the shoes - perseverance with levers/screwdrivers should do the trick.

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