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TD5 crossmember plug

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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction, my friend has a 110 TD5 and has seen another TD5 that

had fitted a rubber or maybe poly type plug or cover that fitted in the TD5's misterious pto hole.

Now I do remember seeing such a thing in one or more of the mag's but after searching everywhere I can think of I'am

drawing a blank. Can anyone remember who made these plug\cover for the TD5 rear crossmember or maybe even has bought

one? The one my friend saw even had the Landrover logo on it to match the original landrover mud flap logo.

Many Thanks.

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There is a clip in cover for the fuel filler recess but haven't seen similar for the recess in rear cross member.

Thank you for your reply. Yes I have seen those fuel filler covers and had wondered if it was the same sort of material. I remembered the cover from something like LRO and knew as my friend began to describe it. Unfortunately he just missed talking to the owner of the Landy he saw one fitted too. As I said it even had 'Landrover' in raised letters on it.

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Have no idea but would like to extend a very warm welcome to the forum. Quick question - is Hades a nickname or the Roman river of the dead????

Cheers Barry

Just a nickname I'm afraid. So you may relax its not the ancient Greek god of the underworld. Although he would probably drive a Landy too.

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Well at last a picture of the cover at least! Thank you Dotty, I was almost questioning my sanity. :-)

I wonder then if its part of that system or just happened to be on the 110 they used for the photos..

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