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What are all the uses of vacuum on a 300tdi softdash?


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Hi there

I was pondering the removal of the unpopular EGR valve, and got to thinking about the ancilliaries. Specifically, once the EGR is blanked, and the the valve is no longer used, does anything else need the vacuum pump?

On the other hand, is it possible to acheive the benefits of EGR removal by disabling the valve, either electonically or by disconnecting the vacuum line?



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From memory, the vacuum is also used for cruise control and heater control. If you don't have ABS then it's also used for the brakes but I think by the time the 300TDi soft dash came out they were all fitted with ABS.

Nope, mine doesn't have ABS.

Can't remember it being used for heater control, that's all cable operated IIRC.

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My 300Tdi RRC has only the EGR control unit attached to the vacuum pump - the ABS brakes are powered with an electric compressor and the heater system is all operated by cams, arms and levers, not by vacuum controls (same on 300Tdi Discoverys). Vehicles with vacuum servo assisted non-ABS brakes would have a hose connecting the vacuum pump to the servo.

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