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Push button door handles quick question

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I'm in the process of replacing the doors on my 1991 200 Tdi Defender. I have some donor doors from another LR Forum member and I was in the process of removing the push button door handles to replace the locks but 2 of the screw fixings have bust and I've had to drill them out.

I'm going to replace them with new handles now but I see there are 2 different versions listed on Paddocks & John Craddocks website part no's MXC7651 & 7652 for chassis nos to 1A622423. And CXB500200PMA & 210PMA from 2A622424. I don't know what age the donor doors are...is there much of a difference between the 2 types and can I fit one of the later door handles to an older door?

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Sorry to dig this up, I'd like to fit later lock barrels so one key fits 'most' locks, can I just change to later handles & barrrels to suit the ignition key type? And probably a later ignition lock assembly also.


Currently have 4 keys, and need to use all of them to get in lol

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Yes you can and I have done exactly this - look in my chassis change thread for more information


You will need new handles and barrels, new rear door lock (assuming a hard top/station wagon) and a new ignition lock assembly. This means all keys then match (except the fuel filler) and you get the newer style Puma ignition keys


May as well fit central locking whilst you are there too!


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