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300 TDI Disco Starting Problems


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My dad owns a 300TDI Disco which has developed a starting problem.

It is lazy at starting first thing which he first put down to either duff glow plugs or battery.

He changed the glows plugs which were the cheapest option (neaded done anyway) no luck.....

He got a loan of a heavy duty battery which cranked the engine over well but still no luck...

We can confirm that there is a good voltage at the glow plugs and have tested them individually so we don't think it is the preheating side of things.

He has noticed however that if he puts his foot down hard on the accelerator on initial start up it fires up pretty much immediately.

He thinks it may be the injectors or the pump that are the problem.

Before he starts forking out a load of money do you have any ideas?

There are no problems with it starting once it has been running.

I eagerly await replies from the wise, seasoned ones :)

Grant :)

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Sounds like what my Def 300Tdi was doing, after doing glow plugs, stop solenoid and knowing the battery was ok, it proved to be the lift pump... make sure you get the olives for the fuel lines when you change the pump. But check the fuel lines aren't rusty where they leave the top of the tank ubder the loadbay floor. There may be a pin hole in them allowing air to be drawn in.

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If the 300Tdi is in good nick, you shouldn't need the glowplugs at all. Mine aren't even wired in, I find below -5°C it turns over five times instead of three before it catches.

While it's cranking 'lazily', is there any smoke? If not, there's probably no fuel getting to it. If you crack an injector line you'll see how long it takes before fuel spits out.

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When you say it is lazy at starting, does it crank over fast enough? Perhaps not if a new bettery was tried? Any problem with poor cranking could lie with the starter motor or the live connection to it - or with the often ignored earth connection.


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