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high pitched/whining noise

peter deer

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I would appreciate your input on this noise which drives me mad

idle speed :no noise whatsoever

when acceleraring ,noise appears and frequence is clearly related to rpm

decceleration ,noise again ,and again frequency related to rpm

The noise definitely comes from the top right corner -or maybe center right

I have checked belt:noise does not come from there

i have changed the water pump ,as I thought it was faulty :no effect,and I know have a good spare pump!!

Checked axle and bearings of bbelt tensioner,alterantor and steering pump :they look ok ,turn freely with no hard point .No immediately visible defect

I do not see that the belt is rubbing against anything

I do not think this is a problem with the cam belt :the noise does not come from that direction

Have you ever come accross such a noise ?

your adviose would be appreciated


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ahh so by acclerating you mean reving, i assumed driving.

cant think whats top right on the 300, being a 200 owner. id go for bearings etc, i seem to remember something posted on other forums in the past about the serpentine belt tensioner wearing so it runs 'off-square' to the belt & making bearing noises. from memory the fix was making a wedge to fit behind it to push it back inline.

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Doesn't the turbo live in the top right hand corner (if you are looking into the engine from the front of the vehicle) ? Leaky hose or poor connection in the turbo piping perhaps ?


The quick test for serpetine belt alignment is a quick spray of water on the belt. If it stops squealing then its out of alignment. If so then let me know and i will send you the info on the 9 o'clock shim fix to the tensioner.


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