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Wheel arch trimming!


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Afternoon all!

Having had a trawl back through some previous posts, I am getting thoroughly confused over what needs trimming from the rear arch to enable us to fit some 235/85/16 tyres on! Some have said just trim the lip, others 20mm off the arch and some even to trim right back to the seal! The front arch isn’t a problem as we’ll be trimming that anyway, it’s the rear I’m struggling to get my head round! :unsure:

The current situation:

+1" lift currently running 235/70/16s on white 8-spokes. We get a fair amount of rubbing/catching on the outer edge of the arches.

Proposed set-up:

Exactly the same on the suspension side of things, but running 235/85/16 on Disco steels (less offset) so fewer issues with the outer lip!

Has anyone got any close-up photos of what would need trimming out of the rear arch - like doors open looking at the arch showing the end result, or from underneath?

If there are posts I’ve missed that explain this, please point me in the right direction!!



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With 235 x 85 on Disco steels you will have the turning circle of the Cutty Sark unless you fit wheel spacers.

Anyhow, with the disco steels you don't need to do anything to the front arches. At the rear, all you need to do is fold over the lip of the wheel arch where the door shuts - you don't need to touch the door.

Open the door and feel the wheel arch :blink: . You will find a "return" lip about 10mm long that is parallel to the tyre face. You need to squash this lip so it is hard against the wheel arch itself. I did this with a pair of mole grips and slapped on some hamerite over the cracked paint. Not pretty, but you can't see it with the door shut anyway! You need to do this from about 1 o'clock (looking at the wheel as the face of a clock) all the way to the bottom of the arch.

If you don't do this, the lip is very effective at slicing off the lugs from your tyres - ask me how I know! :lol:

Hope this helps.

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I would think so - a lesser lift means the wheel is further aft (marginally) and will still stuff into the wheel box the same.....

If in doubt, take the spring out and have a play with a trolley jack.....

Be aware as well that tyre sizes vary a lot from mfr to mfr, especially with remoulds - my 235 x 85 were nearly 33" tall when new........ theoretical size is 31.7"

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This is my mates 2 door running 265/75 R16 Grizzlys, the arches have just been cut back to the lip around the arch, no folding. The sharp edges were covered using rubber strip as used in car window seals - nice and cheap :)



My apologies if this comes out huge, and also for the rather bleached picture - its off a camera phone

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