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superwinch husky winch - 8 or 10?


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I aquired a husky at sodbury yesterday, and was playing with it a bit today... the motor runs, which is a good start, but the freespool does not want to disengage at the moment...

However, can someone tell me how to tell the difference between a 8000lb husky and a 10000lb one? My unit is a bit tatty, and missing most of the labels, and the plastic housings, so they are not giving me any clues...

from previous threads on the old place, there dosn't appear to be much difference, but I thought It would be good to know...



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On the left end plate [furthest from motor/gearbox] there should be a stamped serial number starting EW* **** [for example my 8500lb Husky has EW8 **** [* = serial number digits]

make a note of it & ring Superwinch @ Tavistock on 01822 614101 or ring PG winches on 01579 348146

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Sorry Graham, gonna have to wait till tomorrow now, cos I forgot to go and get the serial number off the side last night....

Ooooh the suspense...

Forgot to say look at the left side end plate lower edge for a raised area, the serial number should be stamped into that, might need a torch & small mirror.

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:i-m_so_happy: Yep, same model as mine, but a earlier serial number,

E = electric

W = winch

8 = 8500lbs

then the last 4 digits are the serial number, if you contact Superwinch at Tavistock ask for a engineer or Tech Dept & give them the winch serial number, They will be able to tell you -------------

Date of build

wire rope diameter it was original fitted with


max rated line pull on bottom layer in KN [kilonewtons]

min breaking load in KN

& Confirm model/serial number detials.

I did this for my HUsky which I bought 2nd hand & also bought the info plate that rivets to the roller fairlead, I had to etch the above info onto it myself as Superwinch wouldn't do it without having the winch in for a full rebuild/overhaul/testing.

hope that helps

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