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Just the thing to transport the truck to events

Orgasmic Farmer

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looks like an artic to me

So how can it be tax class of PLG and can be driven on a normal driving licence.....?


Less than 7.5 tons ? There used to be a removal firm in Paisley that had transits with fifth wheels and big trailers that had mini wheels! :huh: Very similar size to this one but even lighter.

Just didn't look right :ph34r:

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It is billed as an exhibition trailer though, not many private users need one of those - especially at 12k!


Most Exhibition are held for a few days so the driver is not driving for 8-10h everyday all week the unit is pointless if it does which is why they don't need tacho's simple reason.

Race pit area's are full of trucks that are mostly Private use. Its only the likes of companies racing have company owned trucks.

Look at Tomcats coach and lorry but have writen on the side private not for hire or reward

£12k is allot but it's less than half what the last service truck cost and I'm still recovering from that :unsure:

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