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90 Suspensions


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Looke at Gon2Far and also the Challenger bits .... have the Evolution II on my other 90 but needs something similar for the Td5. http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/moorea/aubrey.html

The one from Scorpion Racing is GBP 450 plus VAT, LRS is GBP 289 plus VAT but ....saw this at Paddocks ....


Need cranked rear trail arms ....any suggestions on where? Also front dislocation cones?

Any suggestions on quality at Paddocks?

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Interesting difference in price there. Is the implied difference in quality worth that much more.

Those fancy rear bumper/corner protectors are well over £100 from Scorpion Racing, but Bearmach do very similar ones - same thickness metal, same apparent welds and weld quality, just galv though, for £60. I bought a pair for Sue's 90 and they look the business.


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paddock rear dislocation cones are good in my opinion, southdown will also be doing these soon i believe.

i wouldnt use the paddock top shock mounts though, richard harvey do -2 or -3" ones or you could go the +2, +3" route then fit +6" shocks etc.

i am running pro comp +2" shocks and procomp orange springs alround

rear: paddock cones, RH drop top mounts and get 48" from the ground to the bottom lip of the std fitted wheel arch when the body is jacked up just before the wheel leaves the ground.( thats with 255/85s),

front is paddock HD tubular top shock mounts -2", with scorpion cones, gives 43" measured as above

front dislocated by max 1.5" rear by a bit more see picture;


prior to drop mounts the wagon was 42.5" rear and 41" front for comparison.

or fit some knackered bushes for increased travel.

i know these dont compare (and i'm not trying to) with the gon2far setup just some figures for comparison.

i think i will prob be going back to 'std' procomp shocks and springs on the front and ditching the -2" top mounts and may go +2" rer shock mounts with +4" shocks in time.

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Fingers gone beserk ..... Scorpion is 450 and LRS is 490 :rolleyes:

Anybody knows who actually makes the cranked rear traling arms or similar? I know QT makes ultra light front arms but already have castor corrected with OME bushes :huh:

Currently I have a OME +2 inch lift so will drop shox right round by 2 inches. Seems only Scorpion does front dislocation cones?

Thanx for the help so far.

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theres some cranked trailing arms on offer etc in classifieds - someone making to order if i remember correctly.

i am running std radius and trailing arms.

there seems to be a few probs with changing to castor corrected radius arms in that you get prop vibration and need to change that as well but over come the steering problems.

dont castor corrected bushes take out some of the articulation? just something i had heard.

i havent seem any other frotn dislocation rings other that scorpion. i would however be tempted to try the -2" front mts without the dislocation rings, as depending on your springs fitted, if they have a long free length you may fidn they don't dislocate anyway.

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gwyn lewis in Welshpool sells cranked trailing arms, heavy duty etc........

cant remember how much though because i bought a complete suspension set up from him..... including new front and rear shock mounts, extra long OME shocks and wide angel props.

will put up some piccies when photobucket lets me.

havent tried the suspension out yet as the engine has gone to the great scrapyard in the sky.

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