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What the panels views ?


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I run a Sytec FP604 out of tank pump. (for 3.5ef)

Max of 8bar with 180ltr/hour at 3psi.

Cost £105 from demon tweeks, excellent range of fittings in their catalogue.

The only downside of the out-of-tank is that it is noisier.

I've got a uk companies web site on my pc at work I'll check it out and let you know the url tomorrow.

I've fitted twin Bosch units from a BMW to my 3.5 efi Traka but i can't get you have the info until I get to my office. Popular ones seem to be ex Vauxhall cavalier SRI, they are Bosch hose to hose units rather than the ones with banjo or filter fittings. Here the Bosch main stealer wants almost £200 each for them new though.

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http://fuelsystem.co.uk/ - pick a pump, they have graphs of flow rates/pressure/amps and everything. If you use an external one it may need to be gravity fed or even fed using a lift pump (EG Facet carb pump) otherise they die - ask Andy and several others how they know this ;)

Exactly why does your mate not want a RR pump, or is it 'cos he hasn't got a RR fuel tank?

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Becuase they cost a fiortune and are quite fraglie, the pattern ones don't last long


Hello HFH if you want to stick with the 'in tank' pump you can use an AC Delco EP240 pump and refit in the RR/Disco housing. Much cheaper but see my own thread on my EFI pump problems <_<<_<<_<<_<

You can use the Bosch p/n 0580464070 external pumps and they are about £85 + vat from FSE (fuelsystem.co.uk), and they use 8mm & 12mm pipe fittings I have a couple of used BMW ones on my Traka.

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