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H14w Superwinch Installation details?


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Clicky - You have Nige Barker to thank for that doc.

That link's the dog's danglies.

Our 90 is ex utility with H14 and full hydraulic system including auxiliary, internal and wing mounted controls etc and so far I'd only been able to find the manual for the PTO H14 installation -- so thanks for posting that :)

While it's easy enough to figure out how to work it it's another thing entirely when you're as thick as I am to figure out what to do when it's needing a it of TLC :i-m_so_happy::i-m_so_happy:

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I am just going through the same engineering a H14 on to the front of my 90

I am going to get a purpose made bumper fabricated and pass the drive bars through the front cross member to allow more ground clearence also rotate the drop pto so its less vounerble there are alot of treads on this forum - do a search

Will post some photos - when its done be a while though - trouble with buying a older house that needs to be done up bl**dy diy!

You can also D/L manuals from superwinch - or ask them and they will email a copy of the manual for your winch



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