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Rover V8 running problems on LPG.


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Hi team,

I'm having trouble running my Rover V8 3.9 on LPG. It chews through plugs like no tomorrow. 1000 Km is all I get out of a set of plugs and as soon as I throw in new set in she runs like a dream. Have tried diffferent heat range plugs and iridiums but it does not help.

It is dual fuel so never going to be perfect but 1000 Km on a set of plugs, I may as well just run it on petrol.

Any ideas?

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When you say "it chews through plugs", what do you mean? Can you not file the electrodes and re-gap the plugs? What kind of plug leads are you running? I had terrible problems with my 3.9 on lpg, changed the leads to "Formula Power" 10mm leads and have had no issues since, touch wood.

Also, have you adjusted the lpg mixture? It may be running a little too lean.


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What do the plugs look like do you have a photo or even better a numbered photo of each one in colour
It's probably running lean as said elsewhere if the electrodes are burnt. Remember LPG has a higher stochiometric value (from memory 15.6:1) but if tuning with a wide and lambda sensor it would look the same (i.e. the oxygen content which is what the sensor measures/ sees and outputs against would be the same).

What setup do you have?
Single regulator dual regulator, Venturi plate, open loop, closed loop multi point gas injection (if so who's)

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I've always run BPR6ES for LPG and had no problems at all. Mine are gapped at 0.8mm, but I also run Megajolt, which gives a pretty hefty spark.

I have read that the fancy plugs with multiple electrodes etc are not good with LPG.

As above, I would check your mixture. Too weak = too hot, and possible early plug demise. Is your system open or closed loop? Could a faulty o2 sensor be behind this?

Also check your timing. Has it been tweaked to run on gas, or it is the standard petrol setting? Have you noticed any pinking on gas? I would think the plugs wouldn't like that much either.

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