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discovery 2 wheel and tyre size


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hi all whats the largest tyre size i can have on a standard height discovery 2?

Firstly what do you want large tyres for? Not saying don't do it, but it's good to know the why.

Are you wanting width, height or both? For example, tall narrow tyres are likely easier to fit than shorter wide ones.

What rims are you wanting to use, as not all tyre sizes are available in all rim sizes. You'll also need the correct width rim for the tyre. But importantly, offset will dramatically affect if a wheel fits or not.

Lastly, you say standard height, does this mean standard suspension? Is it air or coil at the back?

Gearing - less of an issue tbh.

Are you happy to trim the wheel arches? If so, then you'll be able to fit a lot bigger.

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